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A wedding photographer's perspective


405 Fieldston Road, Bellingham, Washington 98225

From a wedding photographers point of view the Lairmont Manor is an ideal place to get married.   It's classic, timeless and incredibly romantic.  The good news is the Lairmont Manor is also ideal from a bride's point of view as well.  This page will give some of the reasons why I love shooting weddings there.  If you are looking for a wedding venue in Bellingham I highly recommend the Lairmont Manor. 

Frank & Katie

Tom & Katie



Seated Event: 130-160 people | 90 cars maximum
Standing/full house Event: 200 people | 90 cars maximum
Tent & Manor Event: 300 people | This size of event requires van to shuttle guests to Lairmont Manor

The Manor

The Lairmont Manor is still as beautiful today as it was when it was built over 100 years ago. The Grand Hall has vaulted ceilings, original woodwork throughout and beautiful floor to ceiling windows  Outside you will find a pavillion and a courtyard with a fountain. 

The Manor itself is surrounded by extensive award winning gardens. Oh, and don't forget the famous Angel that watches over outdoor ceremonies.  


Most people get married outside in front of the fountain.  The light is typically beautiful and it's a great site for pictures.  While it's not completely shaded the surrounding trees do provide some relief from the sun.  

There is plenty of room for your photographer to walk around and get different angles while still remaining unobtrusive.  For smaller weddings you can choose to get married inside in front of the floor to ceiling windows.  Both options are beautiful and make for incredible wedding pictures.  

Again, there is lots of room for creativity here. There is easy access to a balcony for a different perspective and the Lairmont photographs beautifully at night.  

You have some options here and they are both amazing. Tables set underneath their canopy is probably the most common and would be necessary for larger weddings. For smaller weddings you could go inside in front of the window. Using the canopy outside for dinner and toasts before coming inside for dancing  is a winning combination! 


or the staircase or the Manor itself.  Those are just a few options that are close by.  You can walk to the little street below or use the cottage. If you are looking for an amazing sunset than Marine Park is just 5 minutes away.   There are tons of great places to find good light.  

One of the things that I think is an important feature for a wedding venue (from a photographers perspective) is for there to be a variety of different places to take pictures.  It's good to have a variety of places so not all of your pictures look the same. This is another place where the Lairmont Manor really if it didn't already.  You can use the big window, 

Formal Pictures

Overall the Lairmont Manor is one of my favorite places to shoot a wedding.
 There is a reason it's one of the most sought after wedding venues in Whatcom County and Seattle.  If you are interested in more infomation I encourage you to visit their website. 

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