My Approach to wedding photography

What is a moment-driven wedding photographer?

My Approach to wedding photography

As a (mostly) documentary style wedding photographer, I approach things in a very unobtrusive way.  A true documentary/photojournalistic approach requires NO interaction with your subject.  They photograph what happens and nothing else.  That is NOT my approach.  I am more of a moment-driven wedding photographer.  My passion is capturing real and meaningful candid moments. My goal isn't just to capture the real and meaningful candid moments but to do so in a unique and beautiful way. My feeling is that wedding pictures are extremely important but the process of getting those pictures doesn't have to be all consuming.  You don't have to spend all day posing and smiling at the camera.  You are getting married on your wedding day, not doing a full on photo shoot, right?  

This is one of my favorite images from this wedding.  A teary and proud  mother watches her son give a powerful, and emotional speech before his bride comes down the aisle.  

I love this moment right after the ceremony.  The bride hugging her mom while the father of the bride hugs the groom in the background.  Such immense joy.  

The anticipation as the bride's parents walk her down the aisle.

Emotional son dances with his mom as his new bride looks on. 

What about the details and posed family pictures?

Family pictures are an incredibly important part of the wedding day.   While it might not be everyone's favorite part of the day it's important to take our time and do a great job with these pictures.  Family formals end up being the most valuable pictures as time goes on.  The details, while not as important as the family pictures are still something we want to do a good job on.  Bride's spend lots of time and money on these details and often times never really get to see them on their wedding day.  We will definitely spend the necessary time to get great detail pictures.