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When I first met Sarah & Juan I instantly knew I was going to enjoy my time with them….and not just because they are Husky fans likes me and not because they were getting married at one of my favorite wedding venues, the Lairmont Manor. It doesn’t take long to see how much these two adore each other and I was excited to see their wedding story unfold. First we had fun shooting their engagement session....

Frank & Katie’s Lairmont Manor wedding was absolutely perfect. If you haven’t been to the Lairmont you are going to want to keep scrolling! It’s simply one of my favorite Bellingham wedding venues!

I think my favorite part of Frank & Katie’s wedding was the fact that Katie’s father was also the officiant. For Frank that has to be the ultimate blessing from your father in law...

 Tom and Katie’s Lairmont Manor Wedding was a family affair to be sure!

Let me explain…you see, I LOVE to photograph weddings. I feel every single wedding that I have the privilege to shoot is unique and special. Well, this one truly was extra special. You see…THIS wedding was my BROTHER’S wedding. Talk about an epic day.Not only did I get to be the photographer and the best man for my brother’s wedding but...

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Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos

Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos

Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos

Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos

Lairmont Manor Wedding Photos

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