My favorite pictures and moments from 2018






Like most jobs, wedding photography has its seasons.  To name a few, you have peak wedding season, engagement season, and currently, heavy booking season. And while I am in the midst of meeting with couples as we look forward to one of the biggest days of their lives in 2019, this season is also a time to look back and reflect on the past year. As I do this, it is so evident to me how blessed I am to get the opportunity to work with such great people. It reminds that more than anything, wedding photography is about just that… People… and the moments they share on one of the most important days of their life. 

It was really hard to go through a year’s worth of pictures to select my favorites.  I could have chosen 1000.  That is not to say that I took 1000 amazing images over the course of a year, but rather, there are at least that many pictures and moments that mean something to me.  When selecting my favorites, it isn’t necessarily about the perfect image but about meaningful moments. Moments that I want to remember.

To my amazing clients, THANK YOU.  Thank for you letting me in.  Thank you for allowing me into these moments that are so special to you. Thank you for letting me be a part of such an important day in your lives. It means the world to me.  



hovander park wedding by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Lairmont Manor Wedding by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Ok, friends. This is the lovely and talented Jenna, and let me tell you, this girl is legit. She is smart, classy and is full of the perfect amount of sass.  Simply put, Jenna is awesome! Lairmont manor wedding by Bellingham Wedding PhotographerMaplehurst farm wedding by Bellingham Wedding Photographer The name is Bond….James Bond. bellingham wedding photographer Epic first dance at the Monte Cristo Ballroom. Nothing better than the big window at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.  rein fire ranch wedding by Bellingham Wedding Photographer Seattle wedding photographer   The famous eye-roll! Bellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding The handshake!  I love the expressions on the bride and the groom’s mothers face! This moment is all about the Dads. The groom’s dad reaches his hand out during a prayer while the father of the bride toucher her back.  A great afternoon at Hovander park doing a fundraiser for an amazing local guy.  A good reminder that not all father/daughter moments happen on wedding days.  I love that this picture was taken at the exact same spot where these two had their first look on their wedding day! “I have a little something for you!” It was his idea and I thought he was joking……   He wasn’t.  The incredible water-skiing groom! A beautiful moment at the Lairmont Manor.