4 reasons engagement sessions are important {Wedding planning advice}


Many couples wonder if they should do an engagement session.  What’s the point of an engagement session anyway?  Well, I think doing an engagement session with your wedding photographer is very important. I think they are important enough that they are complimentary in all my wedding collections.  Why, you ask? Well, I have 4 reasons you shouldn’t skip the engagement session.  Hint: It’s mostly about the experience!

Engaged couple holding hands at Rosario beach

1.  You get to used to having your picture taken.

Ever wonder what it’s like to to be a celebrity and have the paparazzi follow you around taking pictures?  Now that everyone has a camera in their pocket that’s not far from what your wedding day is going to feel like, especially during the reception.  There is little doubt that it will likely be the most photographed day of your life.  For some people that can make them a little anxious. The engagement session is a good opportunity for you to start getting used to having your pictures taken.

Engagement session where couple is looking at each other and smiling at UW

2. Practice before the wedding day.

Most people aren’t models and don’t have tons of experience with professional photographers.  The engagement session is the perfect opportunity to get comfortable in front of the camera and learn how your photographer gives direction.

Cute moment during an engagement sessionEngagement session at Kerry Park where couple is kissing in front of the space needle.

3.  The pictures are useful.

It’s not JUST about the experience.  The pictures are very useful as well.  Save-the-dates, invitations and gifts are just a few great ideas on how your can put your engagement pictures to good use. Plus it’s nice to have professional pictures of the two of you not dressed in your wedding attire.

Woodstock Farms Engagement

4.  A chance to take a break and reconnect (my favorite reason!)

Wedding planning can get stressful, right?  Hopefully your wedding planning is drama free but if you are like a lot of people there will be plenty of tense moments as you plan your big day.  The engagement session can be a great opportunity for you to just set all that aside and reconnect with each other.

Romantic moment in a crowded room

BONUS REASON:  THEY ARE FUN!  Engagement sessions are a blast even for those who hate having their pictures taken.  🙂