Michael & Janae got Married! {Backyard Wedding Inspiration}






How do you create the perfect backyard wedding? Start with a great backyard, add an amazing amount of talent and creativity and heaps of hard work, mix it together with a fantastic family team working together, and poof! You have a legit wedding venue. If you are planning a backyard wedding and looking for some guidance or inspiration I recommend checking out this wedding.  This family knows what they are doing. All their time and effort paid off in a big way. The whole setting was gorgeous; classy and rustic, simple yet elegant, fun and inviting. So well done!

Now to the bride and groom. I have known Janae for a several years. We attend the same church, went on a short term missions trip together, and we share a love of photography.  When I heard she had met someone, I was off the charts excited for her. Then I met Michael…the man with the large beard and (after you peel back a layer) a large personality.  It took me about 30 seconds to not only like him but to see Michael and Janae have a great dynamic between them.  They just fit together perfectly. Don’t believe me? Check out their engagement session here!

I am so unbelievably happy for Michael and Janae, and it was an absolute honor to be part of their wedding day.



And now it’s time for the first look with Dad! The first look with Michael happened at the Hotel Bellwether.  Janae’s mom skipped down the aisle with her future son-in-law… talk about a fun family! Well, it was a good ride for one of the twins…not so much for the other one! Even tough guys can melt at the sight of their beautiful bride. The reception was a blast!  People were smiling and laughing everywhere I looked.   This toast required a ‘mic drop’!

Janae hand-made about a dozen different kinds of pies for their guests. The father/daughter dance started just like any other…

but then this happened… and then this happened… and this happened… … so awesome! Michael is famous for his grimace! Let the open dancing begin…and boy did everyone have a great time! Here you go, Mark!  You made the blog post!  The night was finished off with good old fashioned bird seed throwing!    Feel free to leave your well-wishes for Michael & Janae below!