2016 Year in Review | Bellingham Seattle Wedding Photographer

Thursday, December 29th, 2016

It’s that time of year again.  A time to reflect and look back on the year that was.  I love being a photographer!

As I combed through literally thousands of images to select the ones for this post, I got to enjoy the year all over again and relive the moments that made the year so great.  I selected images that mean something to me for many reasons… Images I want to remember.  The process made me grateful that I get to be a part of the lives of so many great people.  I get a front row seat into one of the best days of your lives.

Thank you for that!

I could be wrong, but I think for many people 2016 was stressful.  From the uncertainty around the world to the U.S. Presidential election, it’s easy to focus on the negative.  My hope is that these pictures will remind you that there is still great beauty in life.  That people are good and love is alive and well.  We just need to focus on it.  🙂

I hope you enjoy this…I know I did.

Evergreen Gardens WeddingLairmont Manor Wedding Bellingham Wedding Photographer Hotel Bellwether WeddingEvergreen Gardens WeddingClick here to see the blog post from this wedding at the Lairmont Manor!Lairmont Manor WeddingBroadway Hall WeddingClick here to see more from this Seattle engagement session!Kerry Park Engagement Woods Coffee Engagement I love the long staircase at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.  Bellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding Click here to see more from this wedding at Maplehurst FarmsMaplehurst Farm WeddingGrand Willow Inn Wedding  I think she wins the award for most adorable flower girl!Selene Homestead Wedding  I love this sequence. Steve (and almost everyone else) is looking down the aisle at his bride. His Mom was looking at him I hope my daughters find a man who looks at them this way.  Click here to see more from this wedding.It doesn’t get any better than a wedding on the Terrace at the Hotel Bellwether on a beautiful Bellingham day!

Click here to see the blog post from this wedding!

  I love this image all on it’s own but it’s even better with a little explanation.  You see, everyone was off awaiting Todd and Dawn to be introduced into the reception.  I was in the room with them and said I would give them a moment alone before they headed out.  As I walked away I turned around and saw this.  It’s not posed. It was their real first dance.  All by themselves. It doesn’t get any better than that!  Click here to see more from this wedding!

Lairmont Manor at night is magical! Lairmont Manor WeddingBellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding Click here to see more from this engagement session!Bellingham Wedding Photographer Hotel Bellwether Wedding Selene Homestead WeddingMaplehurst Farm Wedding Selene Homestead Wedding Homestead Golf Course Wedding Kerry Park EngagementThis adorable little girl is going to have her hands full with all her boy cousins.  Or is it other way around?  🙂Bellingham Family Photographer I love this long pathway at Evergreen Gardens!Evergreen Gardens Wedding Lairmont Manor Wedding Broadway Hall Wedding Bellingham Wedding Photographer Did  you know that this amazing young woman was a flower girl in my wedding…11 years ago! Bellingham Senior Photographer Kerry Park Engagement Bellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding Click here to see more from this engagement session at Western Washington UniversityWestern Washington University EngagementBellingham Family Photographer Rosario Park Engagement Discovery Park Engagement Bellingham Family PhotographerDiana is so awesome!!These three win the award for best toast of 2016!  So awesome!Maplehurst Farm WeddingFirst looks with Dad are my fav!Hotel Bellwether Wedding Lairmont Manor Wedding Bellingham Cruise Terminal WeddingHere we go!Lairmont Manor Wedding Beau Lodge WeddingKelsey is class personified.  Woodstock Farms Senior Session Gasworks Park Engagement Selene Homestead WeddingFrank was trying to get his composure as Katie and her Dad started down the aisle.Lairmont Manor WeddingLairmont Manor Wedding Hotel Bellwether WeddingSteve was clearly touched by his father-in-law’s toast. Bellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding A beautiful sunset at Maplehurst Farms.Bellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding Rosario Beach Engagement  It was pretty emotional watching Amanda say her vows to her new family!   Lynden Rotary Building WeddingBellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding These two got a little carried away when they blew out their candles and accidentally blew out the Unity Candle….oops!

Click here to see more of this engagement session at the University of WashingtonUW Engagement Session Maplehurst Farm Wedding Maplehurst Farm Wedding Lairmont Manor Wedding Click here to see more from this Seattle engagement sessionGasworks Park Engagement Bellingham Cruise Terminal Wedding   Sorry, Todd!  I didn’t meant to interrupt! Maplehurst Farm Wedding I am thankful I got to witness this family becoming one!Thanks so much for another great year!

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